And a host of add-ons and services to make your marketing dreams come true.

Fixed Rates

  • Floorplan | $100
  • Photos | $250 – 25 images
  • Video | $325 – 2 min video,
    transitions and 1 title card.
We get it, not all properties belong on the cover of Architectural Digest. But you still want it to look great. And with Lite pricing, get the quality and attention to detail that we give our larger jobs at our most affordable price. *Property must be under 2,000 sqft, under $1 million, and shot during the day to qualify.*
Our most popular choice, this pricing is the perfect way to show off your property. We custom quote photography, videography, and floorplans for each property based on listing price and property square footage.

Typical Spend Rates

  • Photos | $250 – $600
  • Video | $300 – $900
  • Floorplans | $100 – $400
  • LuxVR | $250 – $750
Additional Services
Sometimes your property needs just a little bit more to stand out from the crowd. These add-ons will make your listing pop like none other.
  • LuxVR 360°
    Virtual Reality Tours

    Virtual reality and 360° is state-of-the-art visualization technology that provides a more evocative and true experience than regular pictures. VR helps real estate agents pre-select properties more efficiently. It provides buyers with a better visualization experience so they can make smarter buying decisions.
    See Example


    starting at $250

  • Aerial
    Elevate Your Listing

    Properties with amazing views sometimes need a little perspective to really grab your buyers attention. This service is perfect for houses by the water, in the hills, or that have expansive acreage.
    See Example


    À la carte pricing starts at $350 
     With photo|video package starts at $100

  • Twilight Photography
    One Word. Stunning.

    Twilight photography is a special photo session taken just after sunset to highlight the property’s exterior lighting against a perfectly blue evening sky. Up to 15 photos are taken.
    See Examples


    À la carte pricing starts at $250 

    With a photo package starts at $150 

  • Branded Website
    Resposive, Mobile Friendly

    Need a professional website for all of your property’s marketing content? Look no further!  We have a website template designed to make your content shine.  We can buy your domain and host it or you can use our sub-domain option.


    Branded Website $79 (see example)

    Sub-Domain, Branded Website $49 (see example)

    or get both for only $89

  • Digital Brag Book
    Property Smartphone App

    Want to really wow your potential clients? Then how about creating an actual App for your property? This service will give any potential buyer quick digital access to your listing with the tap of a finger. Swipe through your images quickly and freely on your phone.


    Property App / Digital Brag Book


  • Luxury Level Albums
    Make your listing one of a kind.

    Hand designed and hand manufactured, these albums exude luxury living. Metallic paper covers, softbound with substrates between the prints, the finished product looks and feels substantial. They’re perfect as a thank you gift to your seller or a keen marketing example during and after your listing.


    8.5in x 5.5in Album $79/$49 each additional

    14in x 11 in Luxury Album $360/$220 each additional


• All “The Luxury Level” photo shoots come with unlimited photography on livable spaces and exterior spaces.  “Luxury Level Lite” photo shoots max out at 25 photos, exterior and interior combined.
• Once editing is completed, an email with a dropbox link to all files will be sent.
• All properties should be photo ready and it is the responsibility of the client to stage and/or clean rooms.
• Per request, any minor retouching (small blemishes, cords, mirror flashes, signs) is gratis.
• Any major Photoshop retouching (such as: adding fire to fireplaces, fixing driveway cracks, water spots on the ground, removing garbage cans, items from underneath tables and beds, cars, other houses, animals, lawn statues, blue skies) is a separate charge of $25 per instance.

• We use top of the line cameras and equipment which provide stunning promotional and property videos. We always strive to be ahead of the curve.
• We provide custom aerial footage using the latest drones and are licensed with the FAA and have our 333 exemption (what that means is we are legal to fly).
• Our experienced post-production editing staff has the capabilities to assist in conceptualizing and clearly conveying your brand message. We work with you and for you. We include all graphics, visual and sound effects withing each edit at no additional charge.
• Once editing is completed, an email with a dropbox link to all files will be sent, as well as a Vimeo and/or Youtube link.
• All properties should be photo ready and it is the responsibility of the client to stage and/or clean rooms.

• Properties can be measured, on average, at a rate of 4,000 sqft per hour.  This all depends on the simplicity/complexity of the property’s design.
• All floorplans give basic room dimensions and an overall square footage for each floor.
• Our method for measuring is fairly exact but not official.  We are not responsible for discrepancies with state authorized measurements.
• Once editing is completed, an email with a dropbox link to all files will be sent.  These files are in JPG format.

• On average. it takes about 1 to 2 hours to virtually photograph a property.
• Once the complex editing is completed, an email with a link to the tour will be sent.
• All properties should be photo ready and it is the responsibility of the client to stage and/or clean rooms.

• Travel Costs: Anything over 40 miles in initial distance or 45 minutes away (without traffic) from our home base is charged at $1/mile or minute.  This can be mitigated if you have us shoot multiple properties in that area.
• Turnaround Time: We guarantee your photography and floorplans will be provided to you within 24 hours.  Videos will be professionally edited and provided to you within 48 hours.
• Help us = help you.  We work in a referral industry.  For every new customer you send our way, we give you a free add on service on your next order.  Up to a $200 value.
• Higher volume = lower costs.  Do you have a high listing rate? Give us the volume of your work and in turn you will get a reduced rate on every 5th listing we work for you. *Multiple services on one listing does not apply.

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