Digital Floorplans

Give potential buyers a sense of scale and flow

Sometimes you’re marketing a property where the photos and video just can’t quite capture the design of the house. Sometimes you want to give potential buyers a birds eye view complete with room dimensions and square footage.  Sometimes you want to sell your property faster.  If you think any of that would apply to you then you need a digital floorplan.  The Luxury Level will come to your property with an iPad and a digital laser and map out every room attached to the house.

LuxVR 360°

Virtual Reality Tours

Introducing LuxVR 360°.  Virtual reality and 360° is state-of-the-art visualization technology that provides a significantly more evocative and true experience than regular pictures. VR helps real estate agents and their clients to pre-select properties more efficiently. It provides buyers with a better visualization experience so they can make smarter purchasing decisions.

Aerial Videography & Photography

Rising Above The Competition

As a Realtor, you might be asking yourself if using drones as a marketing tool is practical or necessary to stay competitive? Whatever you decide, drones and aerial videography and photography services are a major part of the evolution of cutting edge Real Estate marketing. The Luxury Level offers this service and we are surprisingly affordable.

Aerial Sizzle Reel
Digital Brag Books

Smartphone App for you property gives everyone easy access.

We live in a digital age with constantly changing technologies.  Simply getting video or photos of your property and putting them on MLS is not enough to really stand out in the this city.  But what if you could get clients who stopped by your open house an entire App dedicated to your property?  With a few simple clicks they could have the listing downloaded as an App to their phone, complete with the best photos, important details about your listing, and information about your company. Now your potential clients will be a finger tap away from looking at your property again and again (and even if they don’t have internet!).

You Shoot It

We edit and brand it.

This service is exclusive to The Luxury Level and designed to serve B&B, leases, rentals and the like. You can use any Smartphone, Tablet, DSLR or camera you have and simple video the property and upload it to our Dropbox. We then professionally edit, brand and post that video for you providing greater exposure and a much quicker turnaround time. Call for more information.

How To Tutorial
This video was shot and uploaded in under 30 minutes.
Lux Level Albums

A truly one of a kind way to promote your property.

Hand designed and hand manufactured, these albums exude luxury living. With metallic paper covers and softbound with substrates between the prints, the finished product looks and feels substantial. Pages are precisely cut at the fold and hinged together using tear-proof material, resulting in a precisely flat spread that can withstand wear. They’re perfect as a thank you gift to your seller or as a keen marketing example during and after your listing.